Electroshock Therapy Might Be Helpful in Erasing Painful Memories

Electroshock Therapy Might Be Helpful In Erasing Painful Memories
“The effective indications are major depression, especially its psychotic form, and catatonia, especially its malignant form. Electroconvulsive therapy also relieves severe mania and some forms of schizophrenia. The risk of suicide decreases after ECT … Read more on Counsel & Heal

Clinical trials offer potential help for mentally ill while advancing drug
Diagnosed with manic depression, now known as bipolar disorder, as a teenager, Charles Webb has been prescribed many pharmaceuticals and experienced many of their effects. He knows what he feels like when they're not working: way up and way down, … Read more on The Spokesman Review

This Day, December 25, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin
He made pioneering efforts in the psychoanalytic treatment of manic- depressive psychosis. 1930(5th of Tevet, 5691): Eugene Goldstein passed away. Born in 1850, Goldstein was the German physicist who discovered and named canal rays (1886) which … Read more on Cleveland Jewish News (blog)