Educational Podcast Dr Alex J Mitchell Explains – “What Is Clinical Depression – a 40min Overview”


Educational Podcast Dr Alex J Mitchell Explains – “What is Clinical Depression – A 40min Overview” – Dr Alex J Mitchell kindly agreed to talk with about clinical depression. He clearly explains the features and risks for clinical depressio…


Crown will not appeal to lengthen sentence for depressed bank robber
2, 2011, as a result of financial woes brought on by clinical depression from aggressive cancer treatments. Just hours afterward, Huff told his wife Debra and told her to drive him to the nearest police station to turn himself in, which she did. Huff … Read more on Calgary Herald

People affected by suicide say help is available
Experts cite a number of causes: severe depression, the end of a relationship, an incurable illness, economic conditions like losing a job, bullying, and in the case of military suicides, multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan for post-9/11 … Read more on KSDK

Spiral Esophagus: Swiss Woman's Pain, Weight Loss Tied To Corkscrew
Researchers studied <a href="">LSD therapy</a> in the 1950s and 1960s, and published numerous clinical papers involving more than 40,000 patients. The <a href="http://www … Read more on Huffington Post