EDITORIAL: Think Beyond Prison-Fix Expedients

EDITORIAL: Think beyond prison-fix expedients
California gains little if fixes to the prison system renew legal battles in the future. Expedients that help meet a court-ordered prison population cap are not permanent solutions. Legislators still need to make long-term reforms that create a more … Read more on Press-Enterprise

Medi-Cal agency to overhaul drug rehab program after critical audit
California's Medi-Cal agency is launching an overhaul of its drug rehabilitation program in light of a damning internal audit that spotlights ham-handed oversight and confirms many findings of a yearlong investigation by The Center for Investigative … Read more on Center For Investigative Reporting

Where There's Smoke . . .
… the University of California's Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research, established by the California state legislature to study the efficacy and safety of medicinal marijuana, reported that there was ‚Äúreasonable evidence that cannabis is a … Read more on The MMQB