Editorial ~ 'Hot Dog Legs' Meme a Catalyst for Eating Disorders

Editorial ~ 'Hot dog legs' meme a catalyst for eating disorders
A dangerous new topic has begun trending on Tumblr: the so-called hot dog legs. Tumblr has created a thread featuring this meme, in which they collect pictures from Instagram and Twitter of girls who have posted point-of-view photos of their legs with … Read more on Daily Athenaeum

What It's Like To Be Almost Anorexic?
Only 1 in 200 adults will develop anorexia. But, 1 in 20 girls will struggle with the symptoms of an eating disorder and fall within the overlooked "almost anorexic" category. How do we prevent and treat a condition that isn't quite a disease? Hosted by:. Read more on Huffington Post

Lynn Crilly: Hope With Eating Disorders
www.cyacyl.com www.joanherrmann.com According to the National Eating Disorders Association, in the United States alone, as many as 10 million females and 1 m…