Eddie & the Hotrods – “Teenage Depression” – 48 Hour BPM


Eddie & The Hotrods – “Teenage Depression” – 48 hour BPM – Things that suck in Austin: Art guitars, hipsters, frat boys, wannabe filmmakers, Hilary Clinton supporters, Rick Perry, rebellious teenagers, Walmart, Segwa…


Viewpoints: Program aims to reduce teenage prescription drug abuse
As such, almost anything that affects the central nervous system usually has the capability of producing adverse effects such as hallucinations, depression, stupor, euphoria and respiratory depression. Their misuse results in tolerance and addiction … Read more on Sacramento Bee

Blog: How to help depressed teens cope
Get professional help immediately if your youngster's depression spirals or she starts talking about having suicidal thoughts. Childhood and teen depression is serious, and needs to be addressed with care. While it's perfectly normal for teens to pull … Read more on Malibu Times (blog)