ECT: The Story of Two Women


ECT: The Story of Two Women – A documentary style animation exploring the experiences of two women with clinical depression and modern electroconvulsive therapy. Animation by Laura Piraino. Music and Sound fx by Ben Cleek.


Uncontrollable Happiness May Help Relax People with Depression

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One of the primary goals in the treatment of depression is to increase positive affect. … Kang and Gruber recently conducted a study on 95 individuals, some of whom had major depression (MDD) or bipolar (BD), the rest of whom served as controls (CTLs).
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A New Antidepressant Inspired by Ketamine

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A promising treatment for clinical depression that works like a club drug has passed its first round of testing. RTR1R9U5615.png. Paul Yeung/Reuters. The latest "breakthrough" in depression treatment is a drug that's supposedly able to relieve symptoms …
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