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Eating Disorders Treatment Workshop-10-28-2011.wmv – Eating Disorders Treatment Workshop-10-28-2011 PowerPoint Presentation bio-psycho-social model + informs the assessment + diagnosis + treatment + eating disorders. Application of the assessment tools and pertinent treatment interventions in providers’ clinical settings. Incorporate the constructs of the bio-psycho-social model in an experiential opportunity to assess a case in an interactive dialogue with facilitator.


?Everybody Knows Somebody?
Many believe eating disorders are the result of vanity issues, but an eating disorder is a psychological issue that requires treatment, Berry said. Students can often times help their friends seek proper treatment. Emily Sullivan, a student at UNA … Read more on Flor-Ala (subscription)

New services for eating disorders in SA
The minister said the government wanted to establish a state-wide specialist eating disorder service to provide assessment, treatment options and support through a range of hospital and community-based services. It includes establishment of a … Read more on Courier Mail

Eating Disorders Can Strike Anyone. Now What Do We About It?
After months in various treatment centers and years fighting with every weapon I had – including an amazing support system, a fantastic eating disorder therapist (Dr. Ellen Haimoff), and a fierce determination – I finally climbed the mountain that is … Read more on The Jewish Press