Eating Disorders: The Stages of Change


Eating Disorders: The Stages of Change – What are the stages of change or recovery, and what can helpers do to facilitate change? Understanding Eating Disorders and their Treatment (Part 6 of 6) Dr. Ron Manley, a Registered Psychologist in the Provincial Specialized Eating Disorders Program for Children and Adolescents at BC Children’s Hospital discusses eating disorders and their treatment.


Back to basics for an austerity Christmas

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The bishop explains that the pressure to indulge in mass spending and over-eating can spoil Christmas for hard-up families by making them feel pressured. He also uses the example of young girls with eating disorders who feel a sense of dread at the …
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If You're At Risk For Colon Cancer, Stop Eating Certain Foods, Study Warns

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Researchers from Wageningen University in the Netherlands evaluated 486 people with Lynch syndrome–a genetic disorder that predisposes people to cancer, and leaves 70% of them with colon cancer. Respondents were asked about their diets and …
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Genetically modified foods are killers

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On a South African farm growing genetically modified (GM) corn, reports indicated that as many as 2 workers died each month while eating the corn as the main staple of their diet—three times a day. Many of the 50–60 workers fell ill—with flu-like …


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