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Eating Disorders Statistics – Visit to learn more about Eating Disorders. Finding Eating Disorders Statistics online can be tough. It too me a while to find these statistics. Eating disorders statistics can differ from one website to the next. Some provide bulimia statistics. Other provide anorexia statistics. Some don’t even site the sources of their eating disorders statistic. In finding these eating disorders statistics and sharing them with you, I hope you will gain more awareness on eating disorders. Eating disorders statistics are just numbers. Eating disorder recovery can be tough. As you can see from these eating disorders statistics, it’s tough to seek treatment. Most of those dealing with eating disorders including binge eating, never actually wanna admit it and keep it a secret. As the eating disorders statistics show only a minority ever seek treatment. It also seems that college females as a group suffer the most as the eating disorder statistics show. Visit http to learn more about Eating Disorders.


Ignored and underfunded, mental health care thin at county jails

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A man who had threatened to kill himself stopped eating and drinking for four days and was never taken to a hospital. He died in his cell. Mental health advocates and correctional officials agree that Wisconsin's 72 county-run jails are … A 2005 U.S …


Santa Claus Obesity: Santa Is Getting Fatter, May Be Bad Influence On Children

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According to the NIH, more than <a href="" target="_hplink">70 percent of adult men</a> in the United States are overweight or obese (just about a third fall into the obese category) and, unfortunately, Santa is just …
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