Eating Disorders: Programmed Nuclear Destruction in Yeast: Self-Eating by Vacuolar Lysis.

Programmed nuclear destruction in yeast: Self-eating by vacuolar lysis.

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Autophagy. 2012 Nov 27; 9(2):
Eastwood MD, Cheung SW, Meneghini MD

Studies of the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae have provided many of the most important insights into the mechanisms of autophagy, which are common to all eukaryotes. However, investigation of yeast self-destruction pathways, including autophagy and programmed cell death, has been almost exclusively restricted to cells undergoing vegetative growth, leaving very little exploration of their functions during developmental transitions in the yeast life cycle. We have recently discovered that whole nuclei are subject to programmed destruction during yeast gametogenesis. Programmed nuclear destruction (PND) possesses characteristics of apoptosis in the form of DNA cleavage by endonuclease G, and involves bulk protein turnover through an unusual autophagic pathway involving lysis of the vacuole rather than delivery of components to it through macroautophagy. We thus illuminate an example of developmentally programmed cellular “self-eating” in yeast, which is associated with the rupture of a lytic organelle, reminiscent of programmed cell death mechanisms in plants and animals.
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Hypothalamic Germinoma Masquerading as Superior Mesenteric Artery (SMA) Syndrome.

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Endocr Pract. 2012 Nov 27; 1-15
Vethakkan SR, Venugopal Y, Tan AT, Paramasivam SS, Ratnasingam J, Razak RA, Alias A, Kassim F, Choong K

Objective: To report a case of superior mesenteric artery(SMA) syndrome secondary to hypothalamic germinoma.Methods: We describe the clinical presentation, diagnostic work-up, management and clinical course of a patient admitted with SMA syndrome who was subsequently found to have a hypothalamic germinoma.Results: Anadolescentboy was admitted to the surgicalward with progressive weightloss over 2 years and post-prandial vomiting He was diagnosed with SMA syndrome based on evidence of proximal duodenal dilatation, extrinsic compression of the distalduodenum anda narrowed aorto-mesenteric angle(16°). Investigations performed to exclude thyrotoxicosis unexpectedly revealed secondary hypothyroidism and further evaluation demonstratedevidence of pan-hypopituitarism. Psychiatric evaluation excluded anorexia nervosa/bulimia. An MRI of the brain revealed a heterogeneously enhancing hypothalamic lesion but a normal pituitary gland. Hormonereplacement with hydrocortisone, desmopressin, testosterone and thyroxineresulted in weightgain and resolution of gastro-intestinal symptoms. A trans-ventricular endoscopic biopsy subsequently confirmed a hypothalamic germinoma and he was referred to the oncologist.Conclusions: Superior mesenteric artery (SMA) syndrome secondary to severe weight loss is an uncommon cause of upper gastro-intestinal obstruction. While there have been reports of poorly controlled diabetes mellitus and thyrotoxicosis manifesting as SMA syndrome, there are no published reports of SMA syndrome secondary to hypothalamic/pituitary disease. Management of SMA syndrome is conservative as symptoms of intestinal obstruction resolve with weightgain followingtreatment of the underlying cause. Awareness of this uncommon presentation of endocrine cachexia/hypothalamic diseasewill prevent unnecessary laparotomies and a misdiagnosis of an eating disorder.
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An outbreak of Salmonella Typhimurium phage type 135a gastroenteritis linked to eggs served at an Australian Capital Territory café.

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Commun Dis Intell. 2012 Sep; 36(3): E281-5
Moffatt CR, Appuhamy R, Kaye A, Carswell A, Denehy D

Salmonella is an important foodborne pathogen, with eggs and egg-containing foods being frequently implicated in causing outbreaks of disease. In April 2012, an investigation was commenced after a number of cases of salmonellosis were linked to a Canberra café. The investigation sought to identify the cause of illness and to introduce public health measures to prevent further disease. A case control study was undertaken using the café’s booking list to identify potential cases and controls. A structured questionnaire was developed using the café’s menu, with information collected via telephone interview or email. A case was defined as any person who ate at the implicated café on 25 April 2012 and subsequently developed gastroenteritis. A total of 20 cases and 22 controls were recruited into the study. All 20 cases had faecal cultures positive for Salmonella Typhimurium phage type 135a (STm 135a). Eating eggs Benedict (odds ratio 63.00, 95% confidence interval 6.08-2771.66 P > 0.001) was significantly associated with illness. While no microbiological evidence of STm 135a was obtained from foods sampled from the café, STm 135a was recovered from swabs taken from the kitchen environment. This report illustrates an ongoing trend in Australia, where raw and minimally cooked egg-containing foods are identified as the responsible vehicles in a high proportion of foodborne Salmonella outbreaks. Commun Dis Intell 2012;36(3): Epub ahead of print.
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Littlest Pet Shop: Popular (Season 1 Finale Trailer #1) [Sous-titres français] – **This is not the end of the LPS Popular series. It’s only the end of the first season. I’ll be making a second season as well!** It’s about to go down. The truth will finally be revealed in a special two-part finale. Get ready. COMING SOON. THANK YOU to PetShopZapping for taking the time to make French subtitles for me! / UN GRAND MERCI à PetShopZapping pour avoir pris le temps de crée des sous-titres en français! *Warning: The Popular series is rated PG. Although these videos are made with Littlest Pet Shop toys, the Popular series is not meant for very young children and is geared more towards preteens/older children. This story is set in a high school and thus explores themes that are more mature (but not too mature, don’t worry), the most prevalent theme being eating disorders. Although this theme is dominant in my story, this does not mean that I condone eating disorders in any way. Eating disorders are awful and I hope that my videos should not encourage anyone to adopt one; moreover, I wish to educate about them and their dangers. Please be aware of this! Viewer discretion is advised. ALL EPISODES OF LPS POPULAR: ?? ? TWITTER: ?? ? FORMSPRING: ?? Royalty-free music titles: Club Diver Music by Kevin MacLeod ( / licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0” © Copyright 2012 sophiegtv


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