Eating Disorders Occurring in People as Young as Eight Years

Eating disorders occurring in people as young as eight years
In anorexia nervosa, someone will restrict their food intake or binge and purge. Avoidance or restrictive food intake disorder involves avoiding certain foods or food groups or restricting food intake. It occurs mostly in children and adolescents … Read more on Lethbridge Herald

Battling back to enjoy food instead of fearing it
Eating disorders took over junior doctor Beth's life, robbed Danielle of four years of her childhood and wrecked Amy's career hopes but as they fought their illness they were determined to give back to the Norwich charity which helped them. Rowan … Read more on Norfolk Eastern Daily Press

Penn Medicine Study Suggests "Growth Charts" for Cognitive Development May
Researchers administered a structured psychiatric evaluation, looking for symptoms of psychosis, anxiety, mood, attention-deficit, disruptive behavior and eating disorders; for the younger children, independent interviews with their caregivers were … Read more on Penn: Office of University Communications