Eating Disorders: My Story to Recovery


Eating Disorders: my story to recovery – My story, struggle, and recovery from eating disorders.


Why I Gave Away My Thin Clothes

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I've spent the last 12 years recovering from an eating disorder, which means I've been gaining weight for years. I know it's good for me, and I've become about as okay with that as I think most women would be with going up a size every few years. I've …
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Charity's concern over eating disorder rise

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Nationally, more than one and a half million men and women of all ages and backgrounds are affected by an eating disorder. Charity Beat says parents can play a major part in aiding recovery. Louise Dunne from Norwich-based BEAT discusses the issues.
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Advice from teens with eating issues

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Lauren Holt, aged 16, from Westleigh, and 17-year-old Zoe Blackmore, from Lowton, bravely related their stories ahead of Beat Eating Disorders Awareness Week, which began on Monday. Lauren's mum Lisa Harris said: “Lauren had weight problems and from …
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