Eating Disorders: General Information


Eating Disorders: General Information – A segment from Teens In Action Presents… Under Pressure: Teen Body Image and Eating DIsorders.


Area artist's paintings, pottery spotlighted in three exhibits
In there, there's a self-portrait I did as an overeater, as well and … images of bulimia and anorexia … based on images that were shared with me in eating disorder group therapy." The gallery also includes work that demonstrates the thought process … Read more on Joplin Globe

Beth Hart Never Gives Up
I've often wondered in regards to past artists if some of the more colorful personalities might have suffered from a mental disorder in one form or another that helped make them who they were. Say, the great drummer Buddy Rich, to toss a … Since all … Read more on Pollstar

Anorexia Loses When Period Returns
A recent study followed a group of girls with the eating disorder anorexia through one year of family-based therapy. These results showed that girls who gained enough weight had their menstrual cycles return, which is a clinical sign of improvement … Read more on dailyRx