Eating Disorders Discussed at Community Event

Eating disorders discussed at community event
Eating disorders discussed at community event. Tweet · Share … 1938 — 75 years ago: A committee of the whole meeting last night of the park board maylead to renaming Douglas Park as Sexton Park and North Douglas as Douglas Park. 1963 — 50 years … Read more on Quad-Cities Online

The freshman 15 is a bit of a myth (it's more like the freshman 5)
Common tips include eating well-balanced meals in the cafeteria, getting plenty of exercise and sleep, and keeping alcohol consumption (and the late-night munchies that often go along with it) under control. But are these warnings and tips actually … Read more on Bend Bulletin

Nerd, interrupted: Inside a smartphone addiction treatment center
It's not an official, clinical diagnosis, and you can't find an entry for it in the most recent edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), but there is reason to believe that it is a growing problem. A 2012 … They … Read more on

my freaking insomnia
losing sleep over and over again.