Eating Disorders: Dietary Recommendations in Ambulatory Care: Evaluation of the Southern Remedy Healthy Eating Plate.

Dietary recommendations in ambulatory care: evaluation of the southern remedy healthy eating plate.

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J Miss State Med Assoc. 2012 Oct; 53(10): 330-3
Smith AK, Minor DS, Tillman LE, DeShazo RD, Replogle WH

There are few useful tools to provide dietary health education including calorie and portion control to patients, particularly in a busy ambulatory health care setting. In this report, we provide results of the evaluation of an adaptation of the recent US Department of Agriculture dietary recommendations modified for the southern diet and individuals with limited knowledge of healthy eating. Using standardized methods, we found that the “Southern Remedy Healthy Eating Plate” was well accepted by patients and can be used quickly and effectively in the outpatient setting. Moreover, the review of this placemat with easy to understand instructions for meals and snacks was associated with acceptable levels of data retention after a single visit averaging 5 minutes. Although the need for some modification of instruction techniques was identified, the Southern Remedy Healthy Eating Plate appears to be a practical and useful format for providing structured dietary counseling and education in this setting and others.
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