Eating Disorders: Development and Recovery

Eating Disorders: Development and Recovery
“Why do people get eating disorders?” and “Can people fully recover from eating disorders”? The answer to both these questions requires elaboration. Eating disorders are complex and multi-dimensional, and the factors that contribute to their … Read more on Telemanagement

Columbia facility helping people cope with eating disorders
Eighty percent of people dealing with an eating disorder overcome it by going through extensive therapy out of state, according to doctors. Staying in a treatment center could mean weeks and months away from home and family. There now is a first of its … Read more on Live 5 News

INTERVIEW: Richard Simmons On Lady Gaga, How He Survived His Eating
When you see young girls like Lady Gaga being open about their past or current eating disorders, if you were their friend, how would you support them? I think it is very important that you like yourself for who you are and not want to look like anyone … Read more on BuzzFeed

The new recruit
The new recruit trying to crawl…nearly there!!