Eating Disorders Causes: Eating Disorders – Cause and Treatment

Eating disorders are described as a group of abnormal eating habits. These can either be in the form of an excessive food intake, or a reduced food intake. There are certain disorders included in this term. These are described below:


It is described as having a binging type eating behavior. People affected by this disorder usually eat a large amount of food at a time and most of the times when they are depressed or bored.


It is characterized by repeated binge eating patterns followed by a compensatory action, like self-induced vomiting, an increased intake of laxatives or diuretics or an excessively increased exercise.


It can be described as cutting off diet to an excessive amount, beyond the healthy levels in a fear of gaining excessive weight. This kind of eating pattern has many harmful side effects. These include cessation of menstruation, loss of healthy bone material, absent skin integrity, an increased risk of cardiac disease etc.


It is described as a regular increased urge of controlling the weight or body shape.


This is a type of eating disorder characterized by a recurrent reflux of food after a meal, but it is painless. This food is either swallowed or thrown.


It is a disorder found in diabetics as is manifested by its name. It is characterized by an intentional manipulation of the insulin doses by the diabetics in an attempt to control weight.


This is a vast term. It includes women suffering from anorexia nervosa but still not missing their menstrual period.

It also includes persons having anorexic thoughts or eating patterns but still having their weight under healthy limits.

Any other eating pattern which cannot come under other classifications is listed under this category.

8. PICA:

It is described as an excessive carving for eating, tasting or chewing such items which are not edibles or such foods which do not carry any nutrition. Such things include paper, plastic, chalk, paints, rust, ice, cigarette ashes, glue, starch, baking soda and coffee grounds.


These persons especially have an increased carving for food at night-time, but they mostly avoid food during the day. This disorder has been frequently reported to be associated with insomnia (decreased sleep) and an injury to hypothalamus.


It is an overdue carving for only quality or pure food, to so much extent, to disturb an individual’s life. Having doubt about the food quality or purity, these persons may prefer fasting or starvation instead of eating.


This includes the odd eating behaviors in children.


The exact cause of these eating disorders cannot be yet declared, but they are thought to be linked to certain psychological, biological or environmental problems.


Treatment includes the treatment of the cause if recognized; otherwise psychological consultation helps in improving these disorders.

Eating disorders are frequently missed unless they are producing any severe signs or symptoms. But if a person is having any of such unusual eating habits, he must consult the doctor in order to discuss for the possibility of presence of any eating disorders in his eating style. Once diagnosed, a proper medical or psychological support may help him overcome this problem. – read more about eating disorders [] and healthy fast weight loss

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