Eating Disorders – Binge Eating

Eating Disorders – Binge Eating
Our program has previously investigated the eating disorders of anorexia and bulimia. On this episode of OPEN FORUM we’re taking a close look at the newly re…



Girl, 3, with rare genetic disorder speaks first words after starting diet
But miraculously, after starting a high-fat, low-sugar diet – which includes eating almost a kilo of Philadelphia a week – she has finally spoken her first words. Mother Stevis … These seizures are very difficult to treat with the common anti-seizure … Read more on Daily Mail

Coping with My Twins' Rare Genetic Disorder
Hearing that this was a disorder with a broad spectrum of how it affects an individual meant that there was hope that Annie would be normal if she were to be at the mild end of the spectrum. …. Characterized as an eating disorder, <a href="http://www … Read more on Huffington Post Canada

We're on a break… when psychiatrists go on holiday
As a 24-year-old I spent several months in an eating disorders clinic when my weight slipped to five-and-a-half stone: I discharged myself just as soon as I'd gained 10lbs and without addressing any of the issues that had led me there. When my mother … Read more on Evening Standard