Eating Disorders – Anyone Can Suffer From It, Anyone Can Help


Eating Disorders – Anyone can suffer from it, Anyone can help – Song: Your Beautiful (kareoke) James Blunt Daylight (kareoke) Maroon 5.


DERBYSHIRE: Taking steps in battle against eating illnesses
But help is at hand for people living with an eating disorder thanks to Chesterfield-based support group First Steps. The charity aims to aid sufferers whose everyday lives are ruined by devastating conditions including anorexia and bulimia. Marc … Read more on Derbyshire Times

Demi Lovato on her eating disorder: "My fans helped be overcome my issues but
One, because whenever I have struggled and thought about going back to bad habits like anyone that struggles with an eating disorder, there's been times when I have contemplated what I am really doing. "Do I really have a problem and then I think to … Read more on

A Long Standing Eating Disorder Finally Makes its Debut
The compensatory behavior may be purging, restricting food intake or exercising excessively. However, in Binge-Eating Disorder, there is no compensatory behavior. Treatment options include group therapy, individual therapy and psychiatric medications. Read more on Watch List News (press release)

Annie, how do I help my heartbroken friend?
… parent is likely causing Andrea to display the symptoms of an eating disorder in order to gain for herself attention, sympathy and a sense of control and importance. Andrea needs the immediate help of a physician and a licensed mental health … Read more on Omaha World-Herald