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Question by <333 Chelsea <333: Eating disorders?
I am writing up an article for my school newspaper on eating disorders. Specifically anorexia and I was hoping you can help me. Some of the questions are…
How much weight will you loose if you don’t eat for one week?
Will you be able to eat again?
Is there a chance you can deveop an eating disorder?
How long would it take to develop an eating disorder?
How do people get eating disorders…and what is the fastest amount of time someone can get one?

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It all depends on what you do when u dont eat….if u work out when ur not eating…you will be really exhausted….but youll lose a pound or more a day ontop of what is not being eaten….after you stop eating and lose weight it is very hard to go back to eating….i know that when i eat i have to keep a log of how many calories i eat…if i dont i feel like i am losing too much control….and i will gain tens of pounds…..anorexia gets out of control way to fast to me….i had recovered from it like a year ago….but my life is so out of control….it is coming back again… is a pain in the ass to have to watch everything that you eat and it is very exhausting and annoying….esp when everyone around you eats whatever they want to and u are sitting there counting the calories and restricting yourself from the foods that you love and know taste so good….there is always a chance that a person can develop an eating disorder….and i pray that you never do… is exhausting and tiring….and it really takes a tole on your whole body…..and body image…..i dont really know what else to say about eating disorders….but i hope that this helped you

Answer by Queeny queen
you loose a whole lot of weight or little depending on your body. you will be able to eat again but will be hard unless being taken to a doctor. yes, anyone can develope an eating disorder. people get eating disordres when they refuse to eat and want to loose weight. they starve themselves, exercise a lot and hate it when people talk about food,they avoid food all the time. they talk about how fat they look even though they might be slim. they fastest amount one can get one is when you excercise too much and starve your self.

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