Eating Disorders?

Question by city of love*?;: Eating Disorders?
I am working on a project to raise awareness for eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, etc.), and need:

-A good site(s) with facts.
-Any type of song that would have something to do with imperfections, or something confidence-building. (Like “Beautiful,” by Christina Aguilera.)
-Good, informational Youtube videos on Eating Disorders.

Thanks in advance for all those who helps! This means alot to me, since my computer’s internet is going really slow when I search something. 10 points to the one that gives the best, and most thorough answer!

=] ?

Best answer:

Answer by Sarah K
courage by superchick

aslo another song is A Perfect Lie by The Engine Room

Answer by Brianna
I did a big project on anorexia too, like 2 months ago. I found ALL my information from Wikipedia, there was so much info I put more than the criteria and got a 92%. The first link is all on anorexia, and the second one is the history of it.
Hope this helps!

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