Eating Disorders?

Question by &hearts Marie &hearts: Eating disorders?
hello. I am lookingbfor information on sting disorders; enough to convince a person to start eating.
Is not eating dangerous?

plz provide personal experiences, convincing websites and your own opinions to be chosen for the best answer.


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Answer by B
Yes not eating is very dangerous!!! This is my reason why!!!..

I’ve been suffering from anorexia for 6 years. I stopped eating anything, starving myself. When I was 17 I nearly died. I had denied having an eating problem for 31/2 years before I just hit rock bottom and everyone new I had a problem. I went from 115lbs-97lbs in less then a week. My body didn’t know how to cope with the weight loss. I was dizzy all the time, I couldn’t think, talk, conversate, move, I was dying slowly and I could literally feel my body eating away at itself… All of this just to be skinny and beautiful, as well as having control in my life. It got so bad I had to stay in bed all day. I hugged my mentor and she said she could feel my ribs against her body. You could see all my bones, the ones you’re not supposed to see on a normal healthy human. i got so weak I couldn’t stand up or walk people had to carry me or walk with me. I was then diagnosed with Anorexia. I was admitted into rehab, and found out that if I didn’t make it in there when I did I would have died of an on coming heart attack. I had tubes down my nose into my stomach to feed me. My doctor thought I wouldn’t make it. I had lost more weight since weighing 97lbs. I was too weak to even lift a fork to my mouth. I had bowl movements every 2 minutes that I spent most of the day on the toilet… Then my doctor found out that parts of my intestines and other vital organs were being eaten away, and were coming out in my bowl movements. I was put on medications to stop me from using the bathroom… I was in so much pain I cried, and sreamed so much. I begged people around me to kill me, just to let me go. Every time I looked into the mirror I saw a fat person staring back at me and needed to lose more weight. I wasn’t allowed to close my door or be a lone. A nurse had to be with me at all times… I had to go into rehab twice, one for 43 days, and then intensive after care therapy and nutritionists, and more doctors to make sure I wouldn’t relapse. I had damaged so much of my body it is extrememly hard for me to gain weight and if I lose more then 10lbs from restricting I will die most likely from a heart attack. I am now 20 years old, recovering with some minor relapses and engaged to a great man. He has helped me to love myself for who I am, and no matter the size. Print this out and share it with your friend. It is very true what happened to me. I faced death, but had enough fight left in me to get better. I now weigh 110 lbs, and am very healthy and happy with who I am.

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