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Question by Kaylieghh: Eating disorder?
I think I may have an eating disorder. If needed, i can post “before and after pictures.” I used to feel good about my weight, I was at a healthy weight. I’m 5’1 and I weighed about 115. I didn’t care much about my weight because I knew I was fine, I am a dancer also (ballet, jazz, hip hop etc.) and I have always been fine with my weight, until recently (around november) I started getting extremely insecure. I don’t like my body what so ever. I pull at my fat constantly, my journal is filled w/ me complaining about my weight, I wear baggy shirts to dance to hid my fat. But I started fasting for certain periods of time. Like one week I would do a 3 day fast, then another week I’ll go or a 7 day fast. I lost a lot of weight, I am sitting at about 95-100 through out the day. Problem is, I am still not happy with my body at all. I am so embarresed about the way I look, I don’t want to get into a bathing suit, or a half top for dance competitions.
I have also started pulling out every flaw I could possibly have. I cannot stand living in my body, and I just cry constantly about it.
I am hiding everything from the people around me, I don’t want them to know I am suffering from anything. I am addicted to the feeling of losing weight, I want my hips and ribs to purtrude more then they are right now. Also, I can’t bring myself to eat, I look at food and I push it away, I just can’t bring myself to eat. Sometimes when I do eat, I purge because I don’t want it inside me.

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Answer by Beyno
It sounds like it might be a general Self-esteem issue, is there someone you can talk to (rather than on the net)…a friend, parents, relitives, school chaplin?

It will definatly help if you have someone to actually talk to, help you and then suggest some ideas.

I would definatly stop the fasting as what that does is convince your body that you are starving then when you do eat your body takes on as much as possible…you should aim for 6 small meals a day (fruit/snaks) and a large lunch not dinner and food does not digest well when you are asleep.

(im a personal trainer…so I know a little about nutrition)

Talk to someone

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