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eating disorder treatment – my thoughts and experiences with Inpatient/hospital, residential, partial, and IOP treatment for ED’s (eating disorders)


Resolving ethical issues faced by clinicians treating eating disorders

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Ruth Lipschutz, LCSW, a Chicago-based mental health professional who specializes in professional ethics, explained the “should” concept Friday at the Renfrew Foundation Eating Disorders Conference being held in Philadelphia this weekend. She focused …
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Overcoming a compulsive eating disorder

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Several people commented that she should change how she eats.Telling a person with compulsive eating disorder to eat smaller portions, go on diet or eat healthier foods is like putting a burger and chips in front of someone with anorexia nervosa …
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Tumblr is the new eating disorder battle ground, but everyone is looking the

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I loaded up on resources from support forums that looked like they hadn't changed since my grade 9 research project on eating disorders, and sent her an instant message. (In the way teenagers do, she knew what was up immediately but had the good grace …


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