Eating Disorder Treatment Center?

Question by kitty81501: Eating disorder treatment center?
Has anyone ever been to a place called My Labonne Maison? It’s in lakeland florida. If so what was it like? Did it help you? Any information will be greatly appreciated!!!

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Answer by Vitki
I haven’t been there, but have had some experience with similar treatment facilities.
based on the information at:

and elsewhere on the web, seems to be an atypical place, more of a home style setting with ready access to an outpatient treatment facility, than what you would find at a more traditional in house treatment facility like Ramuda Ranch.

Lisa Hatten seems to have the qualifications necessary to run such a place, and it has been around for about 4 years now.

Without having been there myself, I can’t really give a qualified assessment of the place, but it sounds ok, (personally, I’m a big fan of the art therapy,) and its definitely better than trying to do it on your own.

Good luck with it. Remember, you are more powerful than your ED, and your ED is NOT your friend.

Answer by Liz
I would consider looking into They offer holistic and spiritual treatments, along with a 12 step program that can help you reach recovery. Unity’s staff is very knowledgeable so they have the ability to reach you to recovery but also know how to prevent yourself from a relapse. They show their love and care by being able to have the ability to cater to anyones needs. They’re great indeed.

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