Eating Disorder Support — Top 3 Ways Perfectionism Blocks Freedom


Eating Disorder Support — Top 3 Ways Perfectionism Blocks Freedom – Hey Shan Larter here… When you think of getting eating disorder support, do you think mostly of food related tips and tricks? Or are you looking for a deeper understanding surrounding the core beliefs, thoughts and mental blockages that add to your disordered relationship with food… This article helps you to explore whether perfectionism, and a concern about judgement from others, is sabotaging your efforts at claiming 100% FREEDOM from your eating disorder. Holistic eating disorder support addresses the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, environmental, social and behavioural aspects of your disorder so you can unravel them and claim freedom once and for all. Please read the rest of this article for a step-by-step action plan to help you address perfectionism and start on YOUR journey to freedom today. Visit for REAL eating disorder support from someone who gets you! Luv, Shan


Durham eating disorder program expands

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With an increase in funding from the provincial government and support from the Central East Local Health Integrated Network, the eating disorders program at Lakeridge Health is growing. The program provides support for people aged 11 to 65 battling …


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