Eating Disorder Recovery — Treatment for Eating Disorders With Recover From Eating Disorders


Eating Disorder Recovery — Treatment For Eating Disorders With Recover From Eating Disorders – Recover From Eating Disorders created by Nina Vucetic covers effective methods for eating disorder recovery. Is it a scam? You can read the full Recover From…


Why I Told My Kids About My Eating Disorder
After I found recovery, created my Fit vs. Fiction body image workshops and started speaking out and writing about body image and eating disorder issues, I knew that I had to come clean to my kids. I couldn't be sharing my truth at schools with … Read more on Huffington Post Canada

The Art of Recovery –
The Renfrew Center, based in Philadelphia, is the nation's first residential eating disorder facility, established in 1985. Its non-profit arm, The Renfrew Center Foundation, sponsors the art show each spring, its pieces created by women during varied … Read more on

How To Address Depression
Cause chronic pain, headaches, sleeping and eating disorders, and thoughts of suicide. Depression … Dr. Bruce Liese, a psychologist at KU Medical Center, explores the various elements of depression from diagnosis to treatment through to recovery … Read more on KCUR

Why so many people–including scientists–suddenly believe in an afterlife
What's more, as pointed out by Dr. Sam Parnia, whose resuscitation techniques have doubled his New York hospital's cardiac-arrest-recovery rate, some NDE patients were not terminal during their experiences, meaning their oxygen levels were normal. In … Read more on