Eating Disorder Recovery and Relapse


Eating Disorder Recovery and Relapse – It seems that a number of people have been struggling with the issue of an eating disorder relapse, a slip and just feeling like it is not going to work, that full eating disorder recovery is out of reach. Quite often, the eating disorder recovery path is not a smooth, straight line, and each relapse, slip or detour contains within it an important learning lesson. The key is to learn the lesson, see it clearly and know what your particular eating disorder relapse triggers are. The more honest that we get about what triggered us, what led to the relapse, the closer we get to full eating disorder recovery. For more information on relapse, eating disorder recovery information or to ask a question, visit


The artistic journey to recovery

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Gwyneth Hyndman speaks to the artist in her family's home about the role of sculpture and painting while recovering from a debilitating eating disorder. Bonita-Lynn Parker has always seen art as an escape. But it has been only recently that the 28-year …
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Maria Box – Living With Autism

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hear the distress in both of us. I was assured a recovery van would be with me … everyday activities such as dressing, washing, eating etc. Sensory Processing. Disorder falls under the Autistic Spectrum Condition/Disorder umbrella. Ryan suffers …
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