Eating Disorder Recovery and Dealing With PMS, Cravings and Emotions


Eating Disorder Recovery and Dealing with PMS, Cravings and Emotions – Do you experience severe cravings and emotional disturbance while you are going through PMS. Eating Disorder Recovery does not have to stop every time you experience stress, PMS or any other emotional upheaval. The first part of dealing with the PMS issue is to accept that it is absolutely natural and normal for all women to experience this. There is nothing wrong with you or your eating disorder recovery. Accept that it happens to everyone and learn to slowly trust your body and what it needs during those times. The real problem comes when we add additional guilt and anxiety on top of it and beat ourselves up for not doing it perfectly, for having natural and normal cravings and hormonal changes that all women experience, whether they are dealing with an eating disorder or not. The second part to this issue is learning how to deal with the emotional upsets and disturbances that can occur during PMS or at any other time. This is one of the biggest triggers for eating disorder relapse – reacting to an emotional situation and turning to food to cope, to “check out to numb out and not have to face those feelings, go through them and see that they do pass and there is nothing that you need to suppress. However to get to this point it is important to apply some eating disorder recovery tools. Here are a few tips to get you started with dealing with those strong emotions and not allowing them to give up on yourself and you recovery – because there


Anorexia: A Life Threatening

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While people with anorexia often deny having a problem, the truth is that anorexia is a serious and potentially deadly eating disorder. Fortunately, recovery is possible unlike in obesity where the only solution most times is a gastric bypass surgery …
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