Eating Disorder Recovery – 6


Eating Disorder Recovery – 6 – In aneffort to help others overcome their struggles with food and eating disorders, I am open to share my story and the steps I have taken to overcome a ten year eating disorder. I have been in recovery for three years. We are all capable of being recovered for a lifetime.


Eating disorders are not a laughing matter
Eight percent of the cases reported to the GCC last year were eating and weight-related, according to the annual report. The GCC offers help for all stages of eating disorders — from concerns with eating, to help recovering and assistance for those … Read more on Oaklandpostonline

Exhibit raises eating disorder awareness
“Room with a View is intended to engage students in an interactive format in order to educate them about the signs and effects of eating disorders,” said Abigail French, Women's Center interim director. “Students become first-hand spectators in the … Read more on Murray State News