Eating Disorder Recovery – 10


Eating Disorder Recovery – 10 – In aneffort to help others overcome their struggles with food and eating disorders, I am open to share my story and the steps I have taken to overcome a ten year eating disorder. I have been in recovery for three years. We are all capable of being recovered for a lifetime.


Hiccup Stick: Hicural Hiccup Sticks Claims To Make Hiccups Vanish

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For most people, hiccups (unless you have chronic hiccup disorder, which usually lasts for longer periods of time), are caused by eating large meals, drinking alcohol and fizzy beverages. The Mayo Clinic also notes some people just get hiccups from …
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Internet addicts face constant temptation, non-believers

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At an internet addiction recovery centre east of Seattle, six men huff their way through an early-morning cross-fit exercise, lifting weights while Timbaland's “The Way I Are” blares over the speakers. At the front, Cosette Rae, … But the American …
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Glee Recap: Crazy Girl Makes Good

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What follows is a pretty bizarre montage for a television show that's just done anti-eating-disorder and anti-steroid episodes — there's a lot of female-lifting and fat-measuring via pinchers and uninspired Nelly mash-ups, but ultimately we discover …
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