Eating Disorder Programs: Millions of Parents Have Sleepless Nights

Millions of parents have sleepless nights struggling with disturbed teens. The problems elevate to the point of breaking up the families. Most of the problems experienced by the teenagers include drug abuse, destructive characters, and gangs, tormenting from depression, eating disorders and defiant behaviors. The problems need to be assessed critically before choosing the type of program to be used because each of these programs is designed to treat specific problems.

1.      Wilderness Program

This program runs for a short period of time, usually four to eight weeks. Wilderness program normally utilizes the nature based activities such as hiking and camping in rough environments. This program acts as the stepping stone for other programs because the teens are able to sit and reflect on their lives and the track they are in. It does not involve any academic activities and teens are kept away from any external influence that can interfere with their meditations. It is good for teens struggling with substance abuse and oppositional defiant behavior.

2.      Boot Camps Program

This is another short term program. It involves high density activities such as military disciplines. The program takes two to six weeks, it is highly recommended to teens who are struggling with hard-core troubles such as criminal behavior or violence. Boot camp does not involve any academic or therapy activities.

3.      Residential Treatment Center Programs

This program can be offered in two options depending with the program schedule. Many activities are employed in this program such as education, therapy and activities all day. The program is suitable to teens that are depressed, involved in drug abuse, adoption problems, eating disorders, oppositional characters, anxiety disorders and suicidal teens. The therapies used are designed depending on the individuals problems.

4.      Specialty Boarding School Program

Specialty boarding school is one of the long-term programs. The program gives the opportunity for the teens with educational, emotional and behavior problems to reconstruct their characters or modify alongside both activities and education. This program normally runs throughout the year and is suitable for teens struggling with ADD or ADHD, learning disabilities, weight related problems, substance abuse, school problems and adoption problems. Depending with the school, some offer therapy on a daily basis or limited days in a week.

Parents should carry out research first on the appropriate program to choose for their teens. Most of these programs differ from one institution to another because of their treatment philosophies and practices.

If your child is struggling you can look into troubled teens schools where kids can get help with all sorts of problems including teens drinking and driving.

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