Eating Disorder Patient Seeks $60K Online for Health Care

Eating disorder patient seeks K online for health care
Canadians with eating disorders can face such long wait times for publicly funded treatment spots that many patients depend on personal assets and private funding to get access to facilities. Many end up with deep debt after emerging from treatment for … Read more on

Road to recovery from eating disorders
Recovery from an eating disorder is often a long process that usually requires the help of professional health care providers, as well as the support and understanding of family, friends and even co-workers. … Health has an exceptional network of … Read more on

Eating Disorders Awareness Week to Reduce Worldwide Stigma
Dr. Aaron Krasner says, “Eating disorders are a complicated illness. We do not fully understand the pathophysiology of them, but we are pretty sure there are genetic and environmental components.” According to Krasner, it is difficult to prevent or … Read more on Guardian Liberty Voice