Eating Disorder Inpatient?

Question by sammygine: Eating disorder Inpatient?
Im going in to an inpatient program for eating disorders in two weeks..i want to know whats it like?..can you exercise?.. do you have to stay overnight?..what if you don’t eat?/

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Answer by Sierra B
If it’s inpatient you’ll be there overnight. It depends on the program, most likely you won’t be able to exercise. They will probably make you eat. If you want to know what it’s like I would watch the HBO documentary THIN. It follows several women through an eating disorder clinic.

Answer by Cydney
First thing they do is search your belongings for any items they don’t allow. You can call ahead and get a list of what you can/cannot bring. You’ll most likely be given a roommate, typically based on age (the one near me even places people based on type of eating disroder ie: anorexia with anorexic, bulimic with bulimic). There will be structure and schedule. ALOT of it. You’ll most likely have vitals and weights everyday. You may/may not be able to exercise. This depends on where you are physically. Some programs have exercise or yoga. You do have to stay overnight. If you don’t eat you’ll be given Boost of Ensure in replacement of your meal. If you continue to not eat and lose weight, and become medically unstable, you will be tube fed (tube down your throat into your stomach). If you pull it out, you will be restrained.

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Eating Disorder Awareness Week – Inpatient Admissions — So day two of EDAW where I am speaking about the horrors of inpatient haha! Seriously I hated the place but hopefully it is of some help to you guys 🙂 x.

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