Eating Disorder Clinics?

Question by Lucy: Eating Disorder Clinics?
I was just wondering what it is like and what goes on in an eating disorder clinic cause my mum is threatening to send me to one 🙁 I’m afraid that she really will send me!

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Answer by Mellyshandra(^_~) poor thing..
I’m sure you’ll be okey..
At least you’ll cope with your eating disorder problem..

Answer by seasnake
let me help you out a bit and make your mom happy with you at the same time… first off, men don’t find super skinny females overly attractive but instead prefer females who are slender and fit with curves to die for… so how do you achieve that? definately not by anorexia, but rather by eating right and exercising… here is the key that will save you from anorexia and make your mom happy, instead of going by scale weight as a way to judge yourself, take your chest, waist, and hip measurements and try to achieve the best hour glass figure you can, that is the most curvacious figure you can… ideally you want your chest and hips to be about the same measurement and your waist to be as far under them as possible, but the problem is when you are under weight your chest and hip measurements will pull away from each other, and if you gain too much weight they will pull away from each other in the opposite direction, so you want your chest and hips to pretty much always equal each other, and the better shape you are in the larger the difference between your chest/hips to waist difference will become… that is in order to achieve the curviest figure you need to exercise and be fit while eating nutritiously and enough to keep your chest and hips in line with each other, and if you do all of that you will look great, your skin will glow, and you will love how you feel… this is how models look, they don’t look anorexic… the thing is you change your mindset and focus to what is healthy and Hot

please also note: I’ve suffered with anorexia myself, and the switch was easy for me cause it still allowed me to control and over analyze and fret upon my body, only thing that changes was a tape measure instead of a scale, and healthier eating to focus upon figure instead of weight

also note: those who get help for anorexia and actually listen to the clinics tend to go home and gain more weight than they ever need to gain in order to comply and make everyone happy, except perhaps themselves… point being, give up anorexia for fitness and health while achieving model like appearance and feeling great

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