Eating Disorder Awareness


Eating disorder awareness


Israel passes law banning too-skinny models; Mannequins with BMIs below 18.5

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It's now being used by the Israeli authorities in the fight against eating disorders. According to the Jerusalem Post, "every year, some 1,500 teenagers develop an eating disorder, and 5% of those suffering from anorexia die each year." Placing the …
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How to parent girls: my guide to health and happiness

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I'm always wary when I read about the "unprecedented" rising rates of mental illness, self-harming and eating disorders among young girls and women due to exterior factors such as cultural messages. First, it seems likely that such rising figures are …
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Study: Americans dieting less

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… weight, such as young women and girls; a study by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality recently concluded that hospitalizations for eating disorders in children under 12 has increased by a whopping 119 percent [AH1] between 1999 and 2006.
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