Eating Disorder?

Question by Pamica: eating disorder?
a friend just told me she has a eating disorder , what can i tell her to do next ? where does she go? what can she do? HELPPP i dont know what to tell her

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Answer by Nicole H
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Answer by LaLa
She needs to tell her parents and get help.

Colorful bracelet line promotes anorexia
Despite it being natural for people with eating disorders to look for support and somewhere to go to where they don't feel judged for their illness, Ms Morgan denounced the bracelets as being detrimental to those afflicted by disorders, who should be …
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Belief that eating disorders 'only affect women' hinders treatment for men
But researchers say the assumption that eating disorders only affect women is preventing men with such disorders from receiving the help and support they need. There is no doubt that eating disorders, such as bulimia and anorexia nervosa, are more …
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