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Question by someheartsx323: eating disorder…….?
I used to have disordered eating, I would starve, binge then purge by running. I have been free from my problem for three months and my summer was absolutely amazing. It is startign to come back now only not as drastic becasue I gained 10 pounds over the summer. I ma a competitive gymnast therefore I have to be skinny, I wear a leotard every single day basically. I need to lose weight I feel so fat and disgusting everyday. and now all im eating is junk becasue i feel like i cant control myself. i need to start and follow a new diet tomorrow though becaus ei cant keeep doing this. I want to start starving again but its so hard to do 4-5 hours of gymnstics with no energy and I know that is not the answer. Can anyone please give me a diet plan for tomrorow that I can try becasue I keep getting lost and bingeing on junk food then I get sick. I am one of those people who need to be told exactly what to do so anyone, please help!

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My sister and I both have an eating disorder as a result of childhood trauma. She was anorexic… and I almost ate myself to death by eating too much. I suggest that you get with a good specialist (psychologist) who can help you deal with pre/post verbal experiences as a child and beyond. You might also look for a vegan nutritionist.

You need to learn about the “rule of ten.” You should not eat less than ten times your ideal weight. If you eat fewer than this number of calories, your body reacts by slowing metabolism which makes it even more difficult to lose weight over the long term. As an athlete, you will want to up your caloric intake along with your activity. You need high quality fuel which is best met by eating a low-fat, whole foods, vegan diet. You can eat a lot more food (bulk) if you eat the right foods. Here is what you need to eat:

+ Legumes and a few nuts. Do not over do the nuts or eat too much oil. Legumes (beans) provide essential proteins. 2+ cups

+ Whole grains. My favorite is brown rice. Avoid processed grains like white bread because these have a high GI. Processed foods often have ingredients that are harmful. 3+ cups.

+ Vegetables, including leafy green vegetables. Learn to make a green smoothie. Recipes are on the Internet. Eat a variety of whole fresh raw vegetables and steamed vegetables. Leafy greens are important. 3+ cups.

+ Fruits. These can have calories, but they are digested slowly over time and provide you with essential nutrition. 3+ cups

+ As a vegetarian, make sure to take B12 supplements.

+ Get at least 15 minutes of sunshine on your skin each day so that you can produce vitamin D. Otherwise take a supplement for this.

Avoid or minimize the following:

+ Dairy and milk and whey.
+ Eggs.
+ Meat
+ Fish
+ Do not take C supplements because leafy greens provide this in much better (more complete) way. You can over do vitamins.

These are not required for a healthy diet contrary to the consensus reality. Look at the work of T. Colin Campbell and Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

I guarantee you that others will follow the consensus reality when it comes to nutrition (eggs, meat, dairy). Do your own homework.

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