Dying to Be Thin – Part I


Dying To Be Thin – Part I – I combined various videos and TV shows, along with some photos and my narration together. I just want to tell everyone, especially ladies, that you are really beautiful just the way you are. Please do not force yourself to be super skinny. I hope that the video can be an encouragement or reminder to help eating disorder patients. So please enjoy and do paste this on various sites and get the message of healthy living spread! Say no to size zero! My facebook account: Esther Belle Poon To Be Continued in Part II


Adult Eating Disorder Service opens

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The Adult Eating Disorder Service is aimed specifically towards helping people who are over 18 years of age receive needed treatment and support for eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. “The service is going to be very comprehensive,” says …
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Clinic settles with woman with HIV

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LOUIS (AP) – A St. Louis County eating disorder treatment center will pay $ 140,000 to settle claims that it denied treatment of a woman because she is HIV positive. The Justice Department announced settlement of the case on Wednesday. Former Nurse …
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Eating disorders on the rise

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The number of people seeking treatment has risen by 40 per cent in Kingston over the past three years, according to doctors at Hotel Dieu Hospital's Adult Eating Disorder Clinic. “What we're seeing across Ontario is an increase in referrals. We don't …
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