Dying on LSD, Shrooms, Heroine, Cocaine.?

Question by Destiny: Dying on LSD, shrooms, heroine, cocaine.?
does anyone know any freaky or sad stories about people you know or herd of that died while on hard drugs? I dont need names or anything. I want to scare my students out of taking drugs.
OK PEOPLE! Im talking about freak accidents, like jumping of a cliff or being tweaked out for days and dieing from lack of sleep. or a high on heroine driver getting into a car and killing the other person in the accident those stupid stories being aired on tv all the time. i cant find any web sites or story line that give you the chills when you hear them. those are the type of stories im talkin about. not rich people abuseing what doctors give them and oops they have a overdose and we all cry. no stories about the average person. and im talkin about teens not little kids. even though they’ll do any thing they want doesnt mean i cant try.If it only changes one persons mind thats good enough.

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Answer by Rayna
It’s very rare to die on LSD. Shrooms too because that’s herbal right there. I think you shouldn’t try to scare your students. Kids are going to do drugs regardless of what adults say. The dumb ones anyway. The best thing is to keep it real and say the side effects and stuff. Stories don’t get to kids.

Answer by Serious
YES LOTS OF PEOPLE, havent you watched E! news altely? how many celebrities died from prescription drugs? there was 24yr old girl my moms friends daughter’s friend, died in a car accident recently cuase she was drunk dirving. my friends 18yr old friend died cause of drugs like you’ve mentioned and i seee lots of highschool pics of deceased stundets who did drugs posted on the walls to get other druggies to stop. also many people die in drug partiesand they dont know why. a girl committed suicide after she took prozac cause it worsened her depression and a boy died cause he stopped breathing after he inhaled an aerosol can to get high. shall i go on…?

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