Dual Life Kept Navy Yard Suspect Below Radar

Dual Life Kept Navy Yard Suspect Below Radar
The Aaron Alexis known to friends and neighbors was by many accounts a personable guy, occasionally intense, but rarely angry. The Aaron Alexis as viewed through an official paper trail that followed him for nearly a decade showed a worrying pattern of … Read more on Wall Street Journal

State rules vary on guns for the mentally ill
Twenty-one states, from Republican Arkansas and Texas to liberal Hawaii and Rhode Island, subscribe to that level of a ban. Virginia does too, though it allows someone who has been committed to possess a firearm after their period of commitment … And … Read more on Washington Post (blog)

Brazos Past: Ann Richards' place 'in the dome' at Capitol
For the 73 years in between, the brassy Waco-area resident who became Texas' 45th governor made her mark as a self-proclaimed “sensible progressive” who sought to prove that “a woman's place is in the dome.” Later known for her wispy white hair and her … Read more on Waco Tribune-Herald