Drug Rehabilitation Facilities?

Question by itsme: Drug Rehabilitation Facilities?
I want to go to an outpatient rehab facility once I turn 18 (less than one week away), that way my mother won’t have to consent to anything. I don’t want her to find out, but I’m still under her insurance. Are there any places that don’t have to go through my insurance company? I live in the south coast area of mass, so if anyone knows any places, please let me know. I appreciate it. Thank you.

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Answer by Kelle
If you need rehab. , Mom finding out is the least of your worries.

Just go ( good for you) . You have to pay for it with insurance so it will go on Mom’s policy

There are cash only places but…………..

Answer by ExeneC
I know you prefer outpatient, but this article might give you a start:


One important thing to consider is do you need a medically supervised detox? Withdrawal symptoms are often very severe and it might be necessary for you to start on an inpatient basis.

Is there a social worker, therapist, doctor or nurse who could talk to you? They might be able to help. This is a lot to deal with on your own at 18.

Good luck!

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