Drug Rehab Information – Please Help?

Question by totalstressor: Drug Rehab information – please help?
A family member needs to go to a “live in” drug rehab, preferably in Florida. Due to these drugs, he lost his business, money, car, etc… The court said if he goes to rehab he won’t go to jail. The problem: My family cannot afford to send him to a private rehab. Any suggestions or resources that I might look at. This family member could even barter his fee. He is a licensed contractor in the state of Florida and has built and remodeled for some very wealthy and famous people.

My fear is if they let him out he will go right back to it. Thanks

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Answer by Jerry garcia
Contact a few of the facilities and find out from them. Some facilities offer counseling for a reduced price if the patient is in desperate need.

If this person is in an inpatient program they are not allowed to do anything outside of the facility for many weeks.

Just check some out first hand they will be able to offer you more information.

Answer by accomacgeo
first he has to make his mind up how bad does he want a sober life he should so he can see his mistakes and want to turn his life into something productful

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