Drug Recovery. Do You Manage It or Do You Have to Be a Recovery Natzi?

Question by Erin: Drug recovery. Do you manage it or do you have to be a recovery natzi?
20 years ago i went through rehab. Life went on. I finished college, got a job and a long the way discovered that I am just fine with social drinking. It doesn’t trigger me into anything destructive. I know I have a vulnerability when it comes to some drugs… so I take care around those types drugs and abstain from them.
I don’t personally see anything wrong with managing a propensity towards addiction without complate abstanance from all substances if you’re happy and functional. I have maybe 1 or 2 beers twice a month with my fish tacos.
20 years later, is it really necessary to be a recovery natzi? Some people in the program can’t wrap their heads around it. But is that becasue they need to abstain from eveything and can’t wrap their heads around being able to have a drink without becoming dysfuctional about it?
Looking for you .02. I saw a shrink for something unrelated but she gave me lots of grif over the fact that I was in rehab 20 years ago (for a drug)that I now drink.
If I have not had any issues or problems socially drinking for 15 years, why should I stop now just because I had a problem 20 years ago? I just don’t get it – it doesn’t make sense to me. The point, is that it’s fun, and cultural.
I’m afraid the more I talk to recovering addicts, the less I relate.

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Answer by biznotch13
You know the answer to this don’t you? MOST addicts cross addict – which is why it would be insane for some alcoholics to take a hit off a joint or for a heroin addict to down a couple of beers. Not only that but we also dull our senses when under the influence of anything – and usually it is just a matter of time before we are back to our drug of choice.
I have seen some in the program that ARE able to drink socially after some time – or take a hit off a doob every once in awhile. As a recovering addict myself this blows MY mind – but bless ya if you can do it. You said you have a couple of drinks a month – – – – and I say (as an addict) WHAT’S THE POINT?

Answer by parkermbg
if you can actually drink in moderation & have no problem then my hat is off to you!!

most addicts know that booze is bad news for THEM!

when you say “program” are you talking about NA?
if so, then you gotta realize that it states in black & white print in their literature that is usually read at the beginning of each meeting “OUR FELLOWSHIP IS ONE OF COMPLETE ABSTINANCE FROM ALL DRUGS”
that may be a huge part of your disconnect with them, they probably believe you are in denial,…

btw; if you are drinking-you aint really clean (alcohol is a drug)


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