Drug Detox Center for Internet Addicts Gives Rise to Small Business Start-Up?

Drug Detox Center For Internet Addicts Gives Rise To Small Business Start-up?
Similar to obtaining treatment for one's problem with alcohol, gambling, sex and/or drugs, Internet addiction is nothing to be ashamed of. It's unfortunate, but perhaps if Amy Winehouse had stuck with her rehab program, she would still be with us today. Read more on Inventorspot

Music scene's Molly is not a friend to drug users
Whenever he polls a roomful of drug abusers at Gateway Rehab about what drugs they are using, Dr. Capretto said about 60 percent of those 18 to 38 acknowledge using Molly. "Some are very heavily involved with it and using it … In June, the state … Read more on Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Internet addiction ignored by society
More often than not, when one thinks of addiction, alcohol or drugs come to mind. Alcoholics Anonymous is a nationally recognized organization, yet when we think of Internet addiction, we scoff or roll our eyes. Meanwhile, rehab facilities have come to … Read more on Central Florida Future