Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation: A New F-Actin Structure in Fungi: Actin Ring Formation Around the Cell Nucleus of Cryptococcus Neoformans.

A new F-actin structure in fungi: actin ring formation around the cell nucleus of Cryptococcus neoformans.

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J Electron Microsc (Tokyo). 2012 Nov 14;
Kopecká M, Kawamoto S, Yamaguchi M

The F-actin cytoskeleton of Cryptococcus neoformans is known to comprise actin cables, cortical patches and cytokinetic ring. Here, we describe a new F-actin structure in fungi, a perinuclear F-actin collar ring around the cell nucleus, by fluorescent microscopic imaging of rhodamine phalloidin-stained F-actin. Perinuclear F-actin rings form in Cryptococcus neoformans treated with the microtubule inhibitor Nocodazole or with the drug solvent dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) or grown in yeast extract peptone dextrose (YEPD) medium, but they are absent in cells treated with Latrunculin A. Perinuclear F-actin rings may function as ‘funicular cabin’ for the cell nucleus, and actin cables as intracellular ‘funicular’ suspending nucleus in the central position in the cell and moving nucleus along the polarity axis along actin cables.
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