Drug Abuse Rehabilitation: Drug Treatment, Types, Setting, and Duration

While there are no standard treatments for drug abuse rehabilitation, there are specialized treatments as well as various approaches to drug rehabilitation. Programs such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, problem-solving groups, insight-oriented psychotherapy and 12-step programs are popular amongst rehab centers, especially for Outpatient drug-free programs. How successful any of these rehabilitation programs can be is largely dependent on the cooperation of the patient.

Intensity of treatment vary from rehab center to rehab center; same is the case with types of outpatient services. In the drug rehab center parlance drug education and counseling is referred to as Low-intensity program. There is also the so called intensive day treatment for outpatients that is comparable to inpatient programs in services offered. These kinds of of special treatments, of course, cost more.

Short-Term Inpatient Programs

Short-term inpatient programs are usually run for a full month focusing on detoxification, abstinence and lifestyle change counseling. Your cooperation and willingness to succeed is very crucial in this kind of rehabilitation program. The medics and professional counselors will not be able to carry out their work on effectively if you do not do as you are told or comply with all instructions.

It is really the 12-step approach that is usually modified into what is known as short-term intensive program for drug or alcohol rehabilitation. In the past this kind of rehabilitation program was designed for treating alcohol abuse, but it has since been discovered to work equally well for treating drug abuse. However, since the reduction in health care coverage for drug and substance abuse came into force no many people are able to afford the 30 day short-term rehab service anymore.

Inpatient Long-Term Rehabilitation Services

Inpatient Long-Term Rehabilitation Services are usually patronize by the rich and celebrities. This is usually a community of patients, medics and counselors living under the same roof for a Long-term residential program of around-the-clock drug abuse rehabilitation treatment offered in a hotel setting with all luxuries except alcohol and drugs. In such a residential community both new arrivals and recovering addicts live under same roof for months till the attain full recovery for alcohol or drug abuse.

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