Dr Sugar-What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Depression? Part 2 of 4

Dr Sugar-What are the Signs and Symptoms of Depression? Part 2 of 4
http://www.MyOwnMedicalDoctor.com-Dr Sugar, Your Intenet Doctor, explains the signs and symptoms of Depression in Womens Health in this Dose of Medical Inspi…



Exercise May Allay Anxiety, Depression
One study showed that exercise did not improve outcomes in anxiety and depression in the general population, but later research showed the opposite, with exercise being associated with moderate improvements in depression symptoms. This was true also … Read more on MedPage Today

Brain abnormalities from concussions linger longer than symptoms
In the initial screenings, people who had suffered a concussion had more self-reported issues with their memory and thinking skills, as well as headaches, dizziness and symptoms of depression and anxiety. The concussion victims also had more evidence … Read more on Fox News

The Truth About Male Depression
with depression because they are not the typical symptoms he sees on the antidepressant commercials. The truth is that male depression can be different than female depression, it can feel different and look different. It is easier to confuse male … Read more on PsychCentral.com (blog)