Download Quiet Riot Album for Free?

Question by blood_bathz_dimebagsdmf: Download Quiet Riot album for free?
Where if anywhere…..Can i find the Quiet Riot album “Rehab” available for download for free??….I have tried Imesh, Bearshare, Itunes, FrostWire, and LimeWire. And i pay for them all. But even then no results come up for the album. I was wondering if anyone has it, or could give me a link to get it for free from some other kind of downloader like torrent or something.

Please help, i am trying to gather every Quiet Riot in honor of the late Kevin DuBrow. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by xenia s
I found it on mininova
Download a torrent client like utorrent and download the music from the link.

Answer by blackspy868
the only thing i can think of is an internet site called songza. the only bad thing is that i don’t think you can actually download songs. but anyway, if you want to try it, it’s good luck!

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