Donna Air's Horror at Being Anorexia 'pin-up': TV Presenter Among Celebrities

Donna Air's horror at being anorexia 'pin-up': TV presenter among celebrities
But Donna Air has now expressed her horror at discovering that images of her are being used on pro-anorexia websites to encourage girls with eating disorders to lose more weight. Miss Air, 34, is being used as 'thinspiration' for sufferers who are … Read more on Daily Mail

'Cutting edge' therapy to fight eating disorders
People with eating disorders sometimes struggle with other conditions, like chemical dependency, post traumatic stress syndrome, sexual abuse, depression, anxiety disorder, morbid obesity, and other problems. • Eating disorders are deadly serious. Read more on

Thin- A documentary about eating disorders. (1/11)
WATCH THIS IN MY PLAYLIST AND IT WILL PLAY THE ENTIRE MOVIE WITHOUT YOU HAVING TO STOP IT 🙂 The 2006 cinéma vérité documentary film, THIN, directed by Laure…